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Heading out
I have decided that I would like to see the other aspects of Eve besides pvp in nullsec. Do not get me wrong, the adrenaline rush is fun, however I want to see the other aspects of Eve. I am a real newbie to Eve and have only been in  game a couple months and would like too be able to experience all that is out here.

Also, RL has become more hectic and I do not have the resources to be as active in the corp as I should.

Everyone at OUCH has been great (thanks campo) and after exploring and figuring out an isk making solution I may reapply.

Thanks all,

Just an idea for you if you haven't already left OUCH, join up with the Logistics department. The PVP option is still available, but you can also run missions, build gear, even try mining. All of those are very big areas of Eve and it might be easier for you to work with people you are familiar with instead of going it alone.
Best of everything to you, Neb. Was a pleasure and hope to see you again.

The clock is ticking.

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