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Mains and alts. Who to join as?
I agree with MT.  Go figure.

I thought about making an alt when I joined OUCH, but I realized that I want to be Bren, so I am playing Bren.  I may have made some mistakes building him, and not learning the right skills, not getting ALL my learning skills to 5 or whatever, but when I needed to be a Frigate 5, I already had it.  When I need to move stuff, I already have a Badger II.  When I need to mine, or rat, I have those skills already trained up. 

I came to OUCH with BC 4 and Frig 5.  That's time spent that I did not have to redo on a new char.

Your killboard is a record of your PvP.  If you have a hundred losses, who cares, people will underestimate you and you'll get quality kills and we'll laugh about it. 

So don't throw away your main for the KB... that's silly.
Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
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