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Time has come
It's time for me to move on. I've been an OUCH member for quite a while now. The reason why I didn't leave OUCH when I graduated was that I enjoyed the mature player base and the casual atmosphere. But the recent decision to run the PvP wing in a semi military way is not my idea of casual gaming.

I also don't have enough spare time to contribute more to the training aspect of OUCH. That's another reason why I feel that it's probably best to leave.

Flying with OUCH and AWA has always been good fun though. In fact I always enjoyed flying in small gangs more than solo PvP. That's why I'm going to join another AWA corp.

Thanks for all the fun times and for teaching me how to kill stuff.

At first I was sad... But as long as you join another AWA corp then it will be Ok Smile

Good luck mate, see you in space o/
Sorry I pissed you off so much you felt you had to leave the corp. Sad
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Contes, it has always been good to fly with you.

Have fun in the new corp and hopefully we will still see you around!
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disappointed .. I always like the splotches of green that you brought to the kill board ...

hope you are staying blue bro ..
he's staying in the alliance, so we'll still have his green


err.... that's not a dance that you're leaving, but that you're staying in the alliance!  Smile
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