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Pastures New
Well after a lot of soul searching I have decided it is time for iBallista to move on.

I joined OUCH when there was less than half a dozen members, it was my first ever non NPC corp, and now nearly a year on look at it and AWA now!

To all the newer members who may be reading this - you are in the right place. I can not begin to count the things I have learnt whilst being part of OUCH. What BC, and all the other key ppl, have done here is amazing and will no doubt benefit 1000's of players - without doubt it made a massive difference to my enjoyment of the game.

For me personally I have decided that I want/need a greater exposure to the other aspects that the game offers. I need to improve my newly learnt skills in other areas and gain different types of experience. I would like to eventually return to OUCH and help teach - so I'm viewing this as a learning break!

To the guys and girls i have flown with on numerous occasions - you're a great bunch of ppl and I have enjoyed killing and dieing with you all.

To BC - a massive thank you! OUCH is such a worthwhile project the amount of effort you put in to it was certainly appreciated by this player.

Take care all and fly safe!


Timezone: EVE +0

Have fun! Stay in touch, let us know what you're up to, and hats off for the excellent work you did in OUCH.

The clock is ticking.
All the best, and I hope to see you again sometime  Smile
Founder and once-CEO of OUCH and AWA
Timezone: Australia, +10 Eve time
Hey Ibal!
I hope you have a great time and hope to see you again some day
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Thank you guys...

See you all again at some point!
Timezone: EVE +0

Sorry to see you go mate. Top guy to fly with!

Fly Safe, Fight Well, Die Hard!

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