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The time has come.
10months and 10days my characters show info page reads. Thats my OUCH time Smile

Thats how long i've been in OUCH and it has been alot of fun. The frigate roams, the doril camps, the getting blobbed during the doril camps, the wars! Smile

I feel i have gotten all i can out of OUCH and i need to move onto new versions of PvP.

Null-sec is fun, especially with a good group of pilots with you. But getting blobbed isnt.
Low-sec is fun, roaming around in BC's and HAC's pwning anything that you can lock and point in time. Sec hits aren't so fun.

So wait a minute.... where else can you PvP?

Empire wars!  ;D

I've decided along with other people i know within Eve to start up my own corp. Call it a Merc corp, a Greifer corp, a Kick Ass Piercer Corp 'o' Doom... its going to be fun.

The idea is to war dec random corps and shoot them. Fun empire PvP, if they want out, they pay or wait until we get bored Smile. That and the old ninja salvaging trying to get carebears to shoot back and liberate them of their hard earned faction l00ts.

The people im going to be flying with should also make it easier and safer for me to use my T3 ships and kick serious ass with them! Also we should be able to field a small fleet of them too  8)

I plan to leave on thursday and create the new corp the same day (if eve allows). We are planning to be based around rens so i will probably see you in local every now and then and im hoping we could be +5 blue to AWA and the coalition.

If anyone would like to join, feel free, not that im trying to steal OUCH's members of course! Just there are only 4 pilots currently so.... Wink

Im sure if BC allows us to be +5 blue then i will no doubt pop down to sendaya at some point to fly with you guys again.

I'll be sorry to see you go, but we all must follow our path. All the best to you Smile
Founder and once-CEO of OUCH and AWA
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happy hunting piercer
Canadian Player, EVE-4
All the best for your new adventure in EVE! I always enjoyed flying with you and hope the next time I'll see you you won't be flashing red on my overview. Wink

Have fun and kill stuff!
Good luck with this, Empire will now be a much more dangerous place Tongue
Thanks for all the kind words.

Like i said, hopefully we will get to fly together again. You never know, once we have found our feet and you lot get war dec'd, you could hire us Smile

Oh and BC, i have a new loki..... fit that i would like to share with you. 1.6km/s, 50-60k ehp (EFT not open right now) and 4500 volley damage at 25-50km.
noes piercer, who are going to link uberpwnmobiles in corp chat now ? Smile

good luck and have fun in your new corp, show those carebears how dangerous highsec can be  ;D
Have fun!
The clock is ticking.
I'm new but I've seen you dotted around the place piercer, best of luck in forging your own way Smile
Ah well.... It's been fun mate.

Good luck with causing havoc in hisec and it was good fun flying with you.


Timezone: EVE +0

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT FAIR! Now who am I gonna fly with?...  Empire wars eh?... you could hire me for remote reps when u are in one of your war decs
Sorry to see you go Piercer! But I wish you a lot of fun with your new corp and gl!
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