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I have decided to leave OUCH.  I will be joining a corp newly made using my alt, Mingel Gage, which I have called "Soul Proprietorship".  While I have enjoyed my time in OUCH, I have come to realize that I am a solo player for a number of reasons, mainly due to family.  I feel I have learned what I wanted in my time with OUCH, although I have not officially graduated.  I no longer have a fear of nullsec, and feel I know how to survive.  I am not a PvP type, although I enjoy it when the occasion occurs.

I hope that BC will allow my corp to be blue.  I simply feel that my carebear ways allow me to make more ISK, increase my skills and essentially - have fun.  During a war, my play style is inhibited, thus lessening my fun.

Thanks to everyone for what you have taught me.  OUCH definitely works, and I would recommend it to anyone.  Hopefully, you won't be declaring war on my two man corp anytime soon.  Smile

BC, feel free to remove my corp rights asap.  If I can do anything to help you as a non-member, please let me know.
All the best to you Jogan Smile
Founder and once-CEO of OUCH and AWA
Timezone: Australia, +10 Eve time

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