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Getting paid for blowing sh!t up!
I shall be leaving OUCH to join the Noir Academy. I am not leaving because I disliked OUCH in anyway, in fact it will be a very difficult thing to do. However, OUCH is foremost about survival in null sec and the education of younglings in said profession.

PVP education has to come from experience, but I don't really have the pirate attitude that is required to self teach the arts, so I am moving across to the mercenary guilds to learn their art, and if I find I like the mercenary life I shall go in that direction. If I don't, I hope I can come back to OUCH as a trainer and help the younglings learn everything I can teach.

I shall be leaving by the end of the week to join the October semester in Noir Academy.'s training schedule, so if you want to whip round the office and buy a small memento, there is plenty of time. Wink
Whatever corpse i get next is yours! ;D

My corpse is the neon green glowing one that is in the ship that is too easy to lock and gives you double damage for every hit. Not much of a challenge for you! Smile
Good luck Deep - fly safe
Timezone: EVE +0

Good luck matey, was good flying with you.

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