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Bowing out
After much thinking and internal struggle, I've come to the decision that its time for me to leave OUCH. This was one of the tougher decisions i've ever had to make while playing a video game as i've made a great number of friends here. However, I've wanted to try out life deeper in null sec in player owned space. So I'll be joining a small corp in Primary (one of our blues) as of tomarrow afternoon (US time) and moving over into scalding pass.

That said, I'll be leaving a good number of ships, and a jump clone in Jorund so that I can quickly and easily come fly with you guys on as regular a basis as I can. As well as taking out my small ad hoc training classes, if that is alright with everyone involved (i've already talked to the ceo of the corp I'm joining and he gave me the ok, I prolly wouldn't have joined if he said no).

So thanks for everything OUCH, I was a dumb noob when I joined, and I'm a slightly less dumb noob in my leaving Wink Thanks for the fun, thanks for the friends, the ships lost and the battles won. And in a week or so when I can finally fly an AF I fully expect to lose my first one flying with a bunch of AWA pilots (crorono and Miss Teri, I'm looking at you!)

OUCH-er for life (even if not in title)

On a side (but slightly related note), I think it would be great if we could get more ouch/awa peeps in the blues chat and intel channels, as I would like to keep in as much contact as I can, sometimes those channels get awfully quiet even when a fair number of people are on.

Bye Ailee, and good luck in the future!

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