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Alright peeps its time, no don't cry its for the best, I am leaving.

Thanks go out to claw for setting this whole thing up, Cro for teaching me the true cost of frigate warfare (tip: its S.F.A.) and all other people who helped along the way.

I have learnt a lot and I hope this will continue in my further adventures in null sec, furthermore I hope I have equalled all that I have gained from the corp with some of the posts on these forums and the occasional roam and exploration op. (that in some way you lot have gained from having me along) however you like to fly and may you always and forever, HAVE FUN!
Toodles it's a pity to see u go but I'm sure we will bump into each other again and hopefuly not at the end of guns. Sad
er yeah...that is quite likely....I am joining Quality Control.
Yes I am going to be in curse.
yes I am going to be in the pub channel.
No I am not going to be hunting OUCH specifically.
No I didn't do heaps of corp theft when I left.
Yes I don't feel great about this.

I am going to suck Keeves dry, learn from him what I can and see where I am then...possibly to return to my old corp with all these newly learnt skills and go with them into wormhole space, who knows...exciting times either, and any, way.
o/ Ellente

Great having you with OUCH. Good luck and when you've learnt all you can learn maybe you'll come back and teach!? Wink

Timezone: EVE +0

o/ fly safe, fight well, die hard!
Good Luck Elle!

Fly safe 0/ Ell
Fly safe!
It's been great flying with you the one time I did Smile

Good luck in QC!
Take care man! I had a blast flying with you when we did fleet up. I learned a bit as well on Exploration. Send my regards to the QC guys...

And I WILL see you on the other end of my gun... Guaranteed. o7

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