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No Heroes
A good friend of mine once told me, “There are no heroes in space……..only survivors.”

And, up until that time, we had both been survivors, but the day after he told me that, he was dead.

Dead? But how you say? We have our clones, we are the select few, the chosen ones.

A nurse working in the clone bay where his clone was stored, was all fucked up on dope and didn’t configure his clone capsule correctly, it was already dead when he needed it. Nowhere to go, you know?

Did he just drift away? Fade to black, so to speak? No one can really tell me what happened to him, no one really knows, I guess.

The corporations don’t want you to know this, they want you to keep believing that life is infinite, that we all just keep going on, but that’s not true at all.

Sooner or later, we all succumb to death…………


Temerian walked into the Star-Bar.

Now this is a bar,” he thought, “not that pathetic excuse for a bar, the Omega Lounge.”

He had made somewhat of a fool of himself the other night at the “Omega”, after drinking too much he had ended up telling the place off, more or less, and claimed he would never return. Afterward he had passed out somewhere in a corridor on his way back to his ship.

Why do I do that?” he wondered vaguely.

He had resolved after that night to never drink more than he could handle. Of course, he had made that resolution before. Often times he would follow through on it for a while, but then out of the blue he’d lose it one night and get himself wasted.

He was a frequent visitor here and as he made his way to the bar, a few people nodded or waved, he nodded back or would say a quick greeting. Occasionally he would stop for a moment and speak to someone at a table and there would be a raucous laugh or a friendly pat on the shoulder before he would move on.

As soon as he reached the bar, he sat down and Lulu was right there, “Beer, Tem?” She had two glasses ready. Apparently she was going to have a drink with him.

“Yes, Lulu,” he replied, and after he thought about it for a moment, “and a shot of bourbon.”

Lulu smiled slightly and nodded, turning away quickly to get the beers.

He leaned forward onto the bar and looked around the place. It was fairly busy for this time of day with a number of people sitting out at the tables and a few others at the bar itself. Not a bad little crowd for early afternoon, but by later this evening this place would be jumping.

A moment later Lulu returned with two large glasses of draft beer. She placed one of them in front of him and kept the other for herself.

He took a quick drink and relaxed in the chair a bit.

Reaching quickly to the back counter Lulu grabbed a bottle of bourbon and then reached beneath the counter and produced a shot glass. She poured the bourbon quickly, with the experience of someone who does it quite often, and then sat the shot glass next to his beer.

Without wasting any more time, Temerian lifted the shot glass and drank the whiskey down quickly, it tasted of liquid caramel with a strong after taste of burnt wood or charcoal, it warmed his throat as it went down and spread quickly out from his stomach, warming the rest of his core. As for his reaction to the whiskey, it might as well have been water that he was drinking.

He sat the empty glass down and looked up, Lulu was still there staring at him, obviously bursting at the seams with some gossip that she wanted to share.

Temerian looked at her and raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner, “Yes, Lulu?”

“Your friend was here earlier.”

“My friend?” He wondered vaguely who she might be talking about, “You’ll have to be more specific Lulu.” He replied and took another long drink of the draft.

She only smiled back at him wickedly, taking a drink of her own beer.

He had many friends and so couldn’t think who she might be talking about, “Lulu, I’m in no mood for your games, so please, if you’re going…”

“Captain Lasko,” she cut in, “you remember........ from Concord.”

She said that last part with a kind of upbeat glee that he had honestly never known Lulu of having.

Did he remember? How could he forget? Captain Lasko, an overbearing, sadistic, prick of a man who not only had an extremely strong dislike of Temerian, but was also the lead for the Concord’s DED in this area of space. Which, for all intents and purposes, made him practically untouchable.

He tried to seem uninterested, but was very concerned nonetheless.

“Oh? What did he want?”

Lulu sat looking at him with a smirk, the kind of smirk that a cat wears after eating your pet bird.

“Didn’t really say,” she replied almost smiling.

A customer from down the bar called to Lulu and she turned to go.

“Something about throwing you in an airlock.”

“What?” Temerian replied quickly.

“Yeah, something about ejecting you into space when he found you.”

“You didn’t think that was important enough to mention first?”

“Maybe,” she replied coolly and shrugged, walking away.

...........To be Continued
Temerian Andedare


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