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Mission log
Coming out of warp is the usual moment of disorientation, where your mind feels like it is still moving much faster than your body currently is. This disorientation is usually followed quickly by a series of deliberate actions entirely designed to keep one alive in the outer reaches of space.

I flip the switch for the scanner display and quickly scan the displayed information for any hostiles or anything out of the ordinary …….…nothing.

“Izzy, analysis”

I few seconds tick by as I review the scanner display again, before the electronic blonde responds.

“I’m picking up no hostiles in the immediate area captain, long range scanning shows nothing as well.”

Staring out the view port of the ship, I search the immediate area for anything that might be a station, but only see floating rocks and empty space.

“What about stations? The mission brief says there’s supposed to be a laboratory out here?”

“Nothing on scans captain.”

“Double check our co-ordinates Izzy.”

“We are at the co-ordinates that were supplied through the mission brief, captain.”

Ok ……so here I am looking blindly for a laboratory station that apparently doesn’t exist.....

Out the view port I see three massive asteroids, I mean these things are big, literally the size of stations themselves or bigger, and all of them surrounded by smaller chunks of rock in various sizes.

What the hell? Where’s the station?

The blonde with the sultry voice continues, “Analysis of the larger asteroids shows them made up primarily of Veldspar, with smaller particles of Scordite and Pyroxeres throughout, typical of the region.”

“Anything else?” I reply calmly.

“One of the asteroids is hollow, with an extremely high energy signal emanating from within.”

Uh huh….

“You didn’t think that was important enough to start with, Izzy?”

“I don’t understand captain?”

“Forget it Izzy.”


“Take us into close orbit of the hollow asteroid.”

“Affirmative, captain.”

“And Izzy, make all weapons systems ready and I want continuous tactical scanning sweeps, especially on our six, I don’t want anyone sneaking up on us.”

“Affirmative, captain.”

The dim white lights in the cockpit changed to a soft red glow as the ship changed to battle stations and began to move towards the asteroid.

Moments later, halfway through the first orbit of the asteroid, just as we round a large outcropping of rock, I see what looks like a large opening in the side, a massive cavern.

Only a few seconds after that and I can see the laboratory station deep inside that cavern, floating in the belly of the asteroid itself.

Well, I’ll be damned.

“Are you getting this Izzy?”

“Affirmative, captain”

“I thought you said there were no stations?”

“Electronic scanning appears to be impaired captain, possibly by interference from the asteroid surrounding the station……it is highly unusual.”

I nodded my agreement.

You said it blondie…….

I stare out the view port for a moment to take in the extremely unusual site before me, a massive laboratory station literally floating inside of a giant hollow asteroid.

Just when I thought I’d seen everything.

“Put us in-line of the station and all stop”

“Affirmative, captain, aligning and all stop”

“Izzy, open a comm to station.”

The electronic blonde replied almost instantly, “Comm channel open, captain.”

“Captain of the Star-Shield to station.”

Soft Static from the comm ………no reply.

“Come in station.”

My eyes are immediately drawn to the scanner display as three red lights suddenly appear.


“Three unidentified vessels on scan, captain.”

“I see em, Izzy,” I reply calmly, “launch the Redeye.”

“Affirmative, captain, launching drone.”

“Range of unknowns, Izzy?”

“Twenty kilometers and closing captain,” the sultry blonde replies with no emotion at all, “incoming comm from one of the ships.”

Oh, what the hell…this ought to be good.

“Open the comm.”

To be Continued ..............................
Temerian Andedare


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