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Mission log

Its beautiful golden rays are so warm and wonderful on your skin, filling your mind with hope and your body with healthy nutrients ………..but, when viewed in space, through the clear, six inch thick, radioactive proof glass of a ship’s portal, it’s just cold and really, really bright.

I turned my eyes away from that brightness just as the on-board computer blasted out the mechanically reproduced voice of a voluptuous blonde, “Co-ordinates from station received, captain.”

At least in my mind’s eye she was a voluptuous blonde, with beautiful curves and legs that went all the way up to ……

“Thank you, Izzy,” I replied coaxing my mind away from that vision, “Run a systems check and make sure all weapons are loaded and online.”

“Affirmative, captain,” the computer replied flatly.

I sat down in the pilot’s seat and pulled up the navigational charts for the area where this particular mission was located.

Why are they always isolated way out there in deep space?

The thought drifted briefly in my mind, before an answer popped up out of the deepest, darkest places of my sub-conscience.

Because no one can hear you scream when you’re isolated way out there in deep space.

I nodded slowly as if agreeing with that part of my mind, before catching myself and pushing the thought out altogether.

“Systems check complete, captain, all status checks are five by five and weapons are fully loaded,” came the voice of that sultry blonde living in my ship’s computer.

I nodded again while looking over the navigational charts, “Very well Izzy.”

I turned slightly in my chair and began locking in my seat belts, “Open a comm to station.”

“Comm channel open, captain.”

I could barely hear soft static clicking out of the channel as I spoke, “Captain of the Star-Shield requesting permission to leave orbit.”

Permission wasn’t really needed to leave station orbit, but it was a common courtesy nowadays to at least let them know.

I glanced down at the control board while waiting for a reply, all system lights were green, cargo bays were empty, fuel tanks were full, the ship was ready for action.

Star-Shield you are clear to leave orbit,” came the reply of a dis-embodied voice from the open comm channel, “safe flying captain.”

“Thank you station .......Star-Shield out,” I replied, locking in the last of my belts, “Izzy, take us out of orbit at full speed.”

“Affirmative captain, leaving station orbit at full speed.”

I leaned my head back into the seat and looked out at the vast expanse of space that was spread out before me.

It’s a cold and unforgiving place out there …..…and I never get tired of it.

A small smile crept onto my face at that thought.

 “Izzy, Lock in mission co-ordinates, bring us in-line and spin up the warp drives, I want to get this done and be back by dinner.”

“Affirmative captain, co-ordinates locked and aligning, warp systems online.”

I could feel the ship turning and hear the familiar sound of the warp drives powering up, preparing to propel us at maximum speed into that cold darkness.

“Engage warp as soon as the engines are ready”

“Affirmative captain, engaging warp”

There is a moment, a tiny fraction of an instant, just as the warp drives engage, where you feel like you’re sitting perfectly still and motionless, and at the very same time moving faster than light through space, almost as though you are in two places at once. Your breath catches in your lungs and everything goes black, you’re mind blanks as all thoughts are ripped away and your body feels like it is stretching beyond its own physical limitations, your stomach twists and feels like it may violently empty itself and it is everything you can do just to keep it all together,……..and then the moment is gone and you are back in your ship as the stars slip past you in a vast array of colors and lights.

I have often contemplated that moment on long missions, when autopilot is engaged and everything is calm and quiet, and I have come to the realization that humanoids weren’t meant to move that fast, we just aren’t built for it.

But, what can you do? It comes with the job. be continued
Temerian Andedare


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