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BullMastiff: Being a Relentless Competitor
My Eve mentor is a pilot named Krytan, he's one of a handful of people I call "best friend" in real life. He introduced me to a good friend of his two years ago, BullMastiff of A4D, a pilot that he loves and respects. It's kind of rubbed off onto me. I flew with Bull and Krytan briefly before I joined OUCH, and they went on to bigger and better things in Eve.

BullMastiff is one of the leaders of Appetite 4 Destruction. They are very good PvPers. We in OUCH try hard to keep off of their overview. Cool

Here in Curse, Bullmastiff and I have been friendly adversaries for over a year now. I won't deny that I've learned a lot from BullMastiff, from watching A4D operate, to camping a bubble, to roaming in frig and cruiser gangs. We OUCH veterans attribute our skill at multiple ship combat to his tutoring us one night in our camp.

We had five cruisers incoming and we were about to run, and Bull calmly said, You can take these guys. Low and behold, five cruisers engaged us, and five cruisers died, none of them ours. I'm a big fan of A4D in general and BullMastiff in particular: Everyone should have a coach.

I saw the following post on A4D's recruit thread, and I automatically hit the "Like" button. Bull sent me a note and told me he saw that I liked it and gave me permission to put it on our forum.

And he told me that what he said applies to OUCH. Smile


Most people think that to have a great corp, you must have great leaders. Well that is true. To have a great corp you must have great players. The only way for that to happen is to have trust and respect for each other in corp. And those players must develop themselves into leaders. The leaders of a great corp set standards and expectations, at a high level, for the corp. Whether its efficiency, how you conduct yourself, your conviction, and/ your dedication to becoming a great player. Whatever it is, a leader defines what he expects from you to be a part of that team. If you, as an individual don't buy into the system and do your part, then you will never have a great corp.

If you have two guys, and one is a high achiever, and the other is mediocre, then the two will never get along. You will never have the respect and trust, to have that great corp. With that being said, if you allow that to exist in your corp, then you will never achieve greatness.

How do you achieve that? You achieve it by your positive energy in trying to achieve a goal that's important to you. To be the best player you can be and helping the ones around you to be the best they can be. Now that's positive attitude.

If your gonna be a leader, the first thing you need to do is, you have to have a vision of what you want. So you have to know what you want to accomplish. The second thing you need to do, is to have a plan, of how you are gonna get there. What are you gonna do? How are you gonna create an example for the other players in your corp, so that your corp accomplishes the things they are capable of? Everyone has to buy in and everyone has to do it together. It cant be done unless everyone has the same mindset and dedication. And the last thing, is that you as individuals have to be responsible for your own dedication and self determination. That means you are accountable for yourself and what you do. Leaders define what they expect from you as an integral part of the corp. Your responsibility is to be accountable to it.

You must have the discipline to do what your supposed to do, when your supposed to do it, the way its supposed to be done. If you cannot do that, then your probably are not gonna be successful at anything you choose to do. Its accountability. If you cannot be accountable for yourself , then how can the rest of the corp ever depend on you? We cant, because that person isn't dependable. Its a part of who you are. From the time you woke up this morning until the time you go to bed, you have had to make decisions. Most of the time you know what the right decision is. You don't always do it , because someone you know is doing the wrong thing and it might be one of your buddies. But to be a leader, you must always make the right decisions. Because the right thing will never fail you. You will always be successful. There are no shortcuts.

You have to be a competitor. You never give up. You always continue to compete. You never show your frustration. You keep coming. You have the mindset that they cant kill you. That's relentless. When your a relentless competitor. When you keep coming, you play smart, you come at them with a plan. The enemy starts thinking these guys are crazy, they don't stop. It doesn't matter what we do, they are there with a different approach. It doesn't matter if we beat them in a fight. They are right back with a different plan, a different tactic. Giving the same kind of effort , the same kind of intelligent game play every time. Relentless. It doesn't matter who you are playing against, because you are relentless in the effort that you give, the intensity that you play with, the sense of urgency you play with, and how you go about playing the way you do.

Our number one goal should be, to have everyone in curse not want to fight us. I want everyone in curse to say, I hate fighting A4D. Because why? Because of the way that the corp competes in the game. You cant get in their head. You cant get them frustrated. Even if they make a mistake, they are right back at you the next time. And they will never show there disappointment in what they do. They are gonna persevere. They are gonna be persistent and relentless in the way they fight. That is how you have success, because most corps cant do that. You create a tremendous advantage for yourself when you do that.

What I'm talking about doesn't take a huge amount of intelligence. It takes attitude, decisions and a commitment. This all leads up to one thing. Pride in your performance. Wanting to be the best player you can be and not being satisfied until you accomplish that. It doesn't matter what role you play. Be the best at it. Be the best logistic pilot ever, the best tackler ever, the best damn solo artist ever. That's it.

You can't have great victories unless you overcome adversity. Because, adversity is what makes it a challenge. Somebody tells you to do something, someone sets a standard of how your gonna do it, you understand it, its defined, and then you show you have the ability and accountability to do it that way. Always coming back, always playing the next play, no matter what happened on the last play, you can play the next play like it has a history and life of its own. You can compete just as hard, with just as much effort, with just as much discipline you execute what your supposed to do, when your supposed to do it, and how its supposed to be done, every play of the game. Thats being a relentless competitor. That's A4D.

So, who are you? Are you relentless?
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