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How to Get Kicked Out of OUCH
You should probably be aware that CCP has provided a new game mechanic to help new players keep their ships. They added Safeties. Safeties prevent you from shooting other players in high sec.

There is no reason for you to have your safeties off. We fight in null sec, where safeties do not matter.

In High Sec, you do not need your safeties to be OFF to do missions. You can shoot NPCs all day with your safeties on.

Safeties only prevent you from accidentally shooting another player's ship or performing any act which allows players to shoot you.

So if you kill a player, or get Concorded, you obviously had your safeties off, which mean you MEANT to shoot that Player. That's PvP.

And unapproved PvP in High Sec will get you expelled.
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