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Mains and alts. Who to join as?
Many introductory posts in the internal part of the forums says something like "I've played before, but made this new alt for PvP and OUCH".

This is something I don't really understand why people would do, and I thought I would say a few words about it here.

If you already have a character, then no matter what that character has done before, he will be better suited to PvP than a completely new character.  Even a pure industrial character will be better suited than a new one, since skills like Science is actually needed for some PvP skills.  (A pure trading character may not be better, but he won't be worse).

So, please, don't make a new character just because you want to try PvP.  That is just wasting skill points and training time.

That said, there are of course valid reasons to make a new PvP-only character.  Maybe you want to keep your main as an isk-generator to support your new PvP-alt.  (You could consider training an isk-generator alt instead.  A trade-alt is a quick train).

That is all I wanted to say.  Thanks for listening.

"I hope you all enjoy your worms"  -CCP Rise

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