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All about OUCH
Ok, I've joined you guys. What do I do now?

Congratulations!  You've made an excellent decision.  Once you're in OUCH you will have access to the corp and alliance chat channels where you can say hi to your new friends.

When your application is accepted you will be sent an EVEmail detailing what you need to do to get up and running, but the items below will give you a general idea:

First step:
After joining OUCH, make sure you've registered to join this forum (use your character name as your forum name, so everyone knows who you are).  Your permissions will be upgraded so you can see all of the hidden material available only to corp and alliance members.

You will receive a "welcome mail" with a list of instructions to help you get set up for classes.

Second step:
Click on the corporation tab in-game, then click on Home, then click on Bulletins. All the important information is in there for you to start reading and getting an understanding of how OUCH is going to benefit you.  One of the things that is important is to download Teamspeak for voice communications. Instructions are available in the bulletins.

Third step:
Move to Berta, in the Derelik region. It's our highsec hangout, and where we do most of our training. From Berta you can join in on fleets that might be heading off into nearby nullsec for training and PVP.  You can also accept missions from here or nearby systems and stations, and start to make some money.

I'm not completely satisfied yet... What if I have more questions?

If this hasn't been enough to answer all your questions, then please join the OUCH-UNI channel and we'll do our best to answer your questions. As a last resort, you can contact a recruiter. They are listed in the in game corp search tool.
Founder and once-CEO of OUCH and AWA
Timezone: Australia, +10 Eve time

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