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Farewell and Thank You - Westly Roberts - 06-10-2014

Hello everyone,

Wanted to thank you all for your training and time spent on the bubble. Was great to get out into 0.0 with some awesome people and see what-else EVE has to offer.

I was hoping to join Ops and help with Asia time-zone lessons; however, my business time commitment hasn't allowed me to get on EVE for any extended period of time ... at all ... for a long time.

I've placed my Student Frigate + a bunch of other T0 mods in the donations bin in CL. Will leave a clone out there in case I have time to actually play and apply to Ops someday.

Hope to see you all sometime in the future! Either as an Ops member - or in my pod! (but not in a bubble!)

- Jonathan (aka) Westly Roberts

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