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Thanks, I appreciate it - Vega Makutu - 07-04-2013

I feel I should be moving on; you guys did many things well, but ultimately, me being in the opposite time zone that the majority was in made the most of the time spent in corp too slow for my liking.

I wanted to stick it out and finish all the classes, but I ended up creating another character to poke around in low/null while Vega was idling in hi-sec waiting for classes, and I plan to keep playing the alt while putting this one on the shelf.

Thanks again for the time you guys take to teach people how to survive in null - I have already used a lot of what I learned to keep me safe and allow me to escape those actively hunting me.

Keep up the good work!

RE: Thanks, I appreciate it - Bren Genzan - 07-04-2013