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Alumni Hall - Bren Genzan - 04-20-2012

A couple of months ago, I started to check up on some of our graduates, and in some cases was pleasantly surprised to see where they had ended up. We have grads in Shadow Cartel, Waterboard, The Initiative, and TEST to name a few small and large PvP Alliances. Pretty cool.

I started to wonder if their training in OUCH really helped them through their Eve career's to date, and wondered how to start a dialog to get some feedback. I also loved the idea that an Alumni's success is a selling point for OUCH.

If it isn't admin or diplomacy nowadays, it's marketing. /sigh

But in some cases, I just missed a guy and wanted to know how they were doing.

So we opened up the Alumni Hall, a board where we can keep in touch and shoot the breeze. Hope you come out to spend a little time and let us know you're still hanging in there.

Welcome back! :D

RE: Alumni Hall - Eryn Hawkwind - 04-20-2012

x Initiative. family

Howdy folks! So Bren mass-spammed a load of us and nostalgia has brought me here Smile

I started playing EVE about 5 years ago, ran missions, got bored, left.

Restarted in August 2010, and fairly immediately joined OUCH after being grumpy at EVE-uni for not letting me in fast enough.

Best EVE decision I ever made.

Learned everything with the mighty CampoV and friends, pvped in Curse with the posse, FCed the bubble quite a lot as I was one of the people on earlier than most.

Then I left, when I imagined the joys of other ways of PvPing, joined a blue corp and eventually ended up in the Initiative. family.

I still think back fondly, and can absolutely say I wouldn't be even half as good at EVE as I am now (still a noob, always a noob, ask bren on that philosophy) without OUCH. Now I'm a director of a reasonable sized PVP corp as part of an Elite Space Mercenary ™ alliance, taking part in fights from 1 to 2000 people, and loving absolutely everything about it.

These days mostly flying dictors for INIT, e.g.:
(Note this is just morning smugness due to fluke landing us a couple of cap kills Smile )

RE: Alumni Hall - Bren Genzan - 04-21-2012

Great to see you're still with us Eryn. Smile

RE: Alumni Hall - Eryn Hawkwind - 04-21-2012

Nice to see you guys are still going strong!

Next time I'm passing through Curse I'll wander over to your camp Smile Hopefully maybe even not get blown up!

RE: Alumni Hall - OldMan Gana - 04-23-2012

Hi guys,
Great idea Bren, good way of getting feedback and also staying in touch.
The NPC Curse life, along with the modules, training and of course the bubble is about the best training one can get in EVE. I've used that to stay alive in Delve, Fountain, Tenal, Venal etc. OUCH training makes one think differently, makes one think in terms of "What would I do to tackle, grab, kill me?" With that sort of mind set, it makes life in null much clearer. I've been in blobs where time dilation is 100% and also been in small gangs creating mayhem. I've done countless Titan bridges, hot drops, Covert drops, and gate camps, however, none of this compares to the setting up of a well placed drag bubble and killing targets. I wonder where I learned that ? Smile

In between operations and campaigns, I grab some guys, a few bubbles and off we go- good times Smile

Fly safe boys o7

TEST Alliance-Best Alliance

RE: Alumni Hall - Bren Genzan - 04-23-2012

Ah Oldman, it's good to see you, lad. Smile

RE: Alumni Hall - Dodecapod - 06-15-2012

Hey there,

No glorious stories from me. Due to my sporadic game time i'm still searching for my place in eve. But there are two important things i took away from OUCH:

1 I'm not afraid to go in 0.0
2 I don't die in 0.0

not to mention that i had a lot of fun blowing up ships out on the field.
Big shout out to all you guys! I'm happy to see OUCH is still going strong and wish you all the best of luck. Fly safe and happy hunting!


RE: Alumni Hall - Bren Genzan - 06-16-2012

Great to see you're back in game Dode. Smile

RE: Alumni Hall - Tek Mon - 12-25-2012

Just returning to game after a project in Mexico (0.0 space below California), will be returning to US soon so will be back in game.

Logged in and saw Bren's invite to Alumni.

Learned a lot in OUCH, after a couple of failed attempts at 0.0 I now can travel through 0.0 without getting stupid about what I do. I got 131 kills and 9 losses at the bubble, and had a lot of fun while doing so.

Working out what I'll do as soon as I get civilized PVP class bandwidth.

I wasn't sure what I would remember from my OUCH lessons, but I went to my clone in CL-85 and put a Rifter together, I had to fly a mostly unfitted Rifter around to get various parts, and though there were a fair few unfriendlies they couldn't do anything about me going through their space as I had my Safes and my TACs, and wasn't nervous about it, so looks like the classes stuck.

RE: Alumni Hall - Stanton Warrior - 05-02-2014

Hi All,

I had a great time in ouch, the preparation for Nul survival and travel is second to none. I saw you guys on twitch at the fan fest, and thought I would drop in here, having joined a new player friendly corp in SENEX over time I came to understand how few people know the safe way! I regularly promote OUCH when we get kills especially when we catch capsuleers warping gate to gate. I would like to put forward SENEX as a corporation option for pilots moving on from OUCH, we like to get in fights and offer full SRP and are only just up the road in the Great Wildlands, I will pop down to 8G sometime and see If we can chat about this,

Thanks for all the fun,


RE: Alumni Hall - Leeonwung - 07-14-2014

o7 salutations OUCHies

RE: Alumni Hall - Bren Genzan - 07-14-2014

Hey Leeon. Smile

RE: Alumni Hall - Leeonwung - 07-29-2014

I've had an 18 month break from Eve and thought I'd come back for a look and decided to give faction warfare a go which i must say I am having a ball also that i am finding survival easy when i am putting into practice the things i learned whilst in OUCH, fun times

RE: Alumni Hall - Bren Genzan - 07-29-2014

We have a few guys flying alts in FW. Low sec is pretty cool.

RE: Alumni Hall - Leeonwung - 07-31-2014

Speaking of flying alts. do any of you guys have an Indy alt corp in 0.0 or could recommend one for my Indy Alt toon. As much as I like to destroy stuff I also like to build stuff from time to time and would really like to give 0.0 industry and mining a go. troll away