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Leaving EVE - Merlin Aesir - 11-23-2011

Unfortunately real life has caught up with me so I'll be leaving EVE for a few months at least. I was hoping to stay till the new year but my broadband is down for another two weeks so I thought I may as well say goodbye now.

It's been fun, both on the bubble and in class.

Have fun and hope to see you all in the new year sometime.

Merlin Asier signing off o7

RE: Leaving EVE - pufy - 11-23-2011


hopefully we'll c ya soon

RE: Leaving EVE - Bren Genzan - 11-23-2011



RE: Leaving EVE - Kalliope Dupre - 11-23-2011

Take care Merlin, see you soon!

RE: Leaving EVE - CampoV - 11-23-2011

We'll keep a candle in the window until you come back.

Best wishes,


RE: Leaving EVE - Zurakaru Ze - 11-23-2011

Well, crap. Been a pleasure flying with ya.

RE: Leaving EVE - VinnieXL - 11-23-2011

Hope you get through all RL throws at you. Was fun Merlin! Good luck!

RE: Leaving EVE - iBallista - 11-23-2011


Come back soon...

RE: Leaving EVE - Bren Genzan - 11-23-2011

I should have wished you the traditional sailors blessing:

"Fair winds and following seas."

RE: Leaving EVE - NatashaK - 11-23-2011

o7 We'll see you in the new year.

RE: Leaving EVE - Black Claw - 11-23-2011

All the best, and make sure you come back. Smile

RE: Leaving EVE - Elgoroth - 11-23-2011


Best of luck, don't be gone too long

RE: Leaving EVE - Crimsonsleep - 11-24-2011

Was fun flying with you. Hope you can come back soon.