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Mains and alts. Who to join as? - Miss Teri - 01-11-2011

Many introductory posts in the internal part of the forums says something like "I've played before, but made this new alt for PvP and OUCH".

This is something I don't really understand why people would do, and I thought I would say a few words about it here.

If you already have a character, then no matter what that character has done before, he will be better suited to PvP than a completely new character.  Even a pure industrial character will be better suited than a new one, since skills like Science is actually needed for some PvP skills.  (A pure trading character may not be better, but he won't be worse).

So, please, don't make a new character just because you want to try PvP.  That is just wasting skill points and training time.

That said, there are of course valid reasons to make a new PvP-only character.  Maybe you want to keep your main as an isk-generator to support your new PvP-alt.  (You could consider training an isk-generator alt instead.  A trade-alt is a quick train).

That is all I wanted to say.  Thanks for listening.

Re: Mains and alts. Who to join as? - Bren Genzan - 01-11-2011

I agree with MT.  Go figure.

I thought about making an alt when I joined OUCH, but I realized that I want to be Bren, so I am playing Bren.  I may have made some mistakes building him, and not learning the right skills, not getting ALL my learning skills to 5 or whatever, but when I needed to be a Frigate 5, I already had it.  When I need to move stuff, I already have a Badger II.  When I need to mine, or rat, I have those skills already trained up. 

I came to OUCH with BC 4 and Frig 5.  That's time spent that I did not have to redo on a new char.

Your killboard is a record of your PvP.  If you have a hundred losses, who cares, people will underestimate you and you'll get quality kills and we'll laugh about it. 

So don't throw away your main for the KB... that's silly.